BLIK mobile payments expands from Poland to Romania and Slovakia

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The system will be crossing borders with the introduction of DXC Technology, aiming to expand further.

Leading Fortune 500 global tech services provider DXC Technology has been tapped to offer support to the expansion of the Polish Payment Standard (aka Polski Standard Płatności, PSP) mobile payments system BLIK as it moves into Slovakia and Romania.

The idea is to modernize the BLIK central system and adapt it to meet Romanian and Slovakian standards.

DXC will be responsible for making certain that BLIK will be capable of processing transactions in both Euros and Romanian Leu. It will also make sure the mobile payments system will be able to connect to the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) system.

Mobile payments - Euros and Romanian Leu

This is far from the first time the PSP has worked with DXC. In fact, the relationship has continued for over nine years. This time, they will be using software engineering to boost the essential activities at PSP, upgrading the existing system to serve Romania and Slovakia’s fastest growing e- and m-commerce channels while offering ongoing technical support.

BLIK is among the largest mobile payments systems currently in operation in Poland.

BLIK is on the cusp of bringing a new mobile payments trend into the country and the surrounding region. From July through September this year, BLIK processed 455 million transactions worth about $15.7 billion (PLN63 billion).

“BLIK is highly regarded in Poland and we have confidence that our solution will easily meet the requirements to integrate with other large European banks. This will help us grow the number of users engaging in e-commerce payments,” said PSP President Dariusz Mazurkiewicz. “We are pleased to have the support of an experienced partner in DXC that can help us implement our plans.”

“This is a major project for Polish and European banking. As a trusted partner, we will help PSP innovate the BLIK solution on a global scale to achieve international success,” added DXC Technology Poland Country General Manager Michal Burda.

PSP is a joint venture among six top banks in Poland, including ING Bank Śląski, PKO Bank Polski, Bank Millennium, Santander Bank Polska, mBank, and Alior Bank, as well as Mastercard. BLIK first launched in 2015.

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