Black Friday shoppers looked to mobile commerce in record numbers this year

Mobile commerce - Black Friday Sale on smartphone

Consumers overall looked to the internet to provide them with the deals they wanted from the sales.

This year, online shopping on Black Friday rose by 7.5 percent over last year on the same day, including buying on laptops, computers and mobile commerce.

Total estimated sales on the one day were $9.8 billion in the United States, said Adobe Analytics.

This is a further indication that online and mobile commerce are highly appealing to consumers and that they will look there first for many of the deals they’re hunting for.

Mobile commerce - Online shopping for Black Friday sales

“We’ve seen a very strategic consumer emerge over the past year where they’re really trying to take advantage of these marquee days, so that they can maximize on discounts,” said Adobe Digital Insights lead analyst Vivek Pandya.

The increase in spending on Black Friday over what was spent last year is also indicative of consumers more willing to buy this year than they were last year when food and gas prices were even more crushing.

Pandya also underscored that impulse buying could have played a role in the growth in sales on Black Friday, since mobile commerce represented $5.3 billion of the total online sales on the day. This could simply mean that consumers are using those devices as their go-to for shopping online or it could mean that it makes it easier for people to shop on a whim and that’s what they did.

Still, mobile commerce shopping still represented people who were looking for the best Black Friday deals.

As consumers continue to contend with tighter budgets because of last year’s massive interest and inflation rates, they continue to be sensitive to prices. Therefore, it’s promising that they were still willing to take out their digital wallets and buy more than they did last year.

Concerningly, according to the Adobe survey, $79 million of the total sales were made by people who took advantage of “buy now, pay later” payment plans. That represented a massive 47 percent increase over the trend at this time last year.

Top mobile commerce shopping categories on Black Friday, according to the report, were those within electronics, such as televisions and smartwatches, followed by toys and gaming.

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