Mobile commerce Valentine’s Day savings at FatWallet

valentine's day mobile commerce

As retailers spike prices to nab desperate last minute shoppers, there are still some ways to find deals.

Valentine’s Day is creeping up very quickly but there is still time for some last minute purchases through mobile commerce, online, or in person.

The trick to this buying game is to make sure to save the most out of the $19 billion that will be spent that day.

Finding great deals allows shoppers to be able to find the perfect gift for their special someone, without spending the most. Typically, the closer the time comes to Valentine’s Day, itself, the higher the prices climb. Many retailers know that shoppers become more desperate as the day comes closer, and count on their inclination to give in and pay more. However, FatWallet has announced that it is holding its annual Valentine’s Deals promotions to give online and mobile commerce shoppers the chance to save up to 15 percent cash back.

FatWallet is using its promotions to allow mobile commerce and online shoppers to save again this year.

valentine's day mobile commerceWhether consumers are looking for candy, flowers, jewelry, or even clothing, there are a range of different discount coupons available at the FatWallet website. The promotions on the site have given mobile e commerce shoppers the chance to save up to 50 percent more than they usually would at the same time of the year. This online shopping opportunity has been available for four years and the tradition is continuing this year.


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In the case of electronics and clothing, there has been an increase of 30 percent in the sales that have been made through this website as shoppers seek out ways to pay less at the top retail stores such as Blue Nile, Macy’s, Living Social, Kohl’s, and Ashford. Those brands have all boosted the cash back reward for members of the FatWallet service through the end of Valentine’s Day on February 14.

According to a spokesperson from the company, Brent Shelton, “As online and mobile commerce continue to improve our gift buying experience, Valentine’s Day spending will continue to grow.” He added that thoughtful gestures can be brought out to their fullest because members of the service can take advantage of exclusive savings on the site.

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