Mcommerce data from SAP shows large revenue potential for businesses

Augmented Reality Technology Global Mcommerce Growth

Global Mcommerce Growth

The channel shows tremendous opportunity for sales, marketing, and payments worldwide.

According to SAP, mcommerce adoption is already rapidly increasing among businesses on a local and worldwide level, and this is opening up valuable new lines of revenue.

Gartner states that Africa and Asia-Pacific regions will make up 60 percent of mobile payments by 2016.

At the same time, the Philippines is becoming a prime example of a country that has already highly embraced mcommerce, and the opportunities that it can offer. That nation has illustrated the growth potential for mobile in retail, banks, and technology, among other industries. These enterprises have been diversifying quite broadly and opening up their strategies in order to bring in significant new revenue lines.

Other countries are now looking to the Philippines to see how mcommerce can be included in their own mixes.

The SAP South East Asia head of financial services industry solutions, Guruprasad Gaonkar, explained that “The mobile operators are getting together and creating cash in points for overseas Philippines workers, while the banks have done little in the way of enabling mobile remittance.” Gaonkar went on to add that “A significant revenue stream is available for mobile remittance, for both domestic and international corridors.”

Continuing along this trend, SAP is offering end-to-end solutions in mcommerce by way of Sybase 365 Mobile Services. This set of software solutions involves a full range of elements covering marketing, engagement (by way of mobile CRM tools), transactions, and analytics.

The company explained that these solutions for mcommerce give consumers the ability to use their mobile devices for transactions as they gain vital information for awareness of brands and products, and offer companies the ability to offer their products and services through a channel that is preferred by many shoppers. It can also permit businesses to obtain vital customer intelligence while building more personal and solid relationships with their customers. Banks, specifically, have found whole new revenue streams in this environment.

The SAP managing director for the Philippines and Emerging Markets, Darren Rushworth, stated that the company’s goal has always been to offer relevant and innovative business solutions to allow them to “run better”. He added that mcommerce is now becoming an important trend along the road to reaching that goal.

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