Mobile payments “success” story, Square, in sale talks

Square Inc. mobile payments nfc technology

As the struggles that are faced by the company continue to grow, discussions of acquisitions grow. Square has been seen as a startup that has everything it takes to succeed, and while it has achieved international adoption and is among the most widely recognized brands in the mobile payments industry, it has been facing a rising number of struggles and there are now talks that acquisition could be in its future. The problem is that its cash is continuing to shrink while its losses continue to broaden. Reports are now…

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Mainstream adoption is eluding mobile payments

mobile payments credit card

Mobile commerce continues to be on the cusp of going mainstream Mobile payments have been on the verge of becoming mainstream for years now. The idea is attractive to people that have become very reliant on smartphones and tablets, but it has yet to take hold with most people. The idea of shopping from a mobile device is very similar to the concept behind e-commerce. Shopping online is, perhaps, one of the most significant trends to emerge in the retail and business sectors in the past decade. In general, however,…

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Mobile payments and banking partnership formed between HP and Accumulate

HP mobile payments

The companies are bringing their experience and technology together to target several new markets. HP has now announced that it is taking greater steps into the mobile payments and banking industry, through its latest partnership which includes a global agreement with Accumulate. This partnership is meant to considerably broaden the potential and capabilities of both companies. The new strategy follows the successful implementation that HP has already made of the IKO mobile payments and banking scheme in Poland which involves the participation of PKO Bank Polski. The company is now…

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Mobile payments solution is getting ready for takeoff

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

This program, like all of the rest of the NFC technology based systems, have been slow to be adopted. Mobile payments providers are clearly becoming frustrated with the slow uptake among consumers and many – including Isis – are coming up with new solutions to help to boost their appeal even when it involves adopting new technologies. Isis is now getting ready to roll out the latest version of its own solution, by the end of the year. As we reported from Money 2020, there are a number of new…

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Mobile payments will be bank dominated if they have anything to say about it

Royal bank of Canada (RBC) mobile commerce platform

They are determined to not only be pioneers but to lead the industry, as well. The race to lead the way in the mobile payments and digital wallet space has been a tough struggle in most countries, including in Canada, where the Big Six banks have been doing their best to hold back the success of alternatives from other countries, such as Square an PayPal. They are trying to achieve this goal by providing the best technology in the nation for these devices. Banks are working to achieve the best…

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