HP reveals new NFC mouse

NFC mouse by HP

NFC mouse by HP

NFC Mouse from HP to be launched in November

Acclaimed hardware and software corporation Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced plans to develop the world’s first NFC-enabled mouse. The company has shown interest in NFC and other interactive technology and has been working on introducing these into new products. The new, wireless mouse will be a first for the company, which claims the device will be compatible with any NFC-enabled device, whether it be a smart phone, tablet, or PC. The NFC mouse is expected to go on sale in November of this year.

HP continues to show interest in NFC technology

NFC technology is becoming more common in various industries, but remains a cornerstone in mobile commerce. The technology is capable of transforming nearly any electronic device into a mobile payment platform, but this is not the singular purpose of NFC. The technology can also be used to facilitate wireless data transfers, allowing electronic devices to communicate with one another and interface without the need for physical connectivity. This could be a major benefit for the world of personal computers, as it would enable consumers to pair a vast array of devices together with little difficulty.

NFC mouse may be limited by availability of compatible hardware

The most significant problem with HP’s NFC mouse, however, is that it will only be compatible with the very latest computers that are entering the market. These are the first computers to feature NFC technology. Currently, such computers are exceedingly rare. NFC technology is more common in mobile devices, but the availability of such devices is still low. HP notes that the NFC mouse can still be used with traditional computers, but users may have to wait for new NFC-equipped electronics to come out before utilizing the full capabilities of the product.

NFC technology may have a profound impact on future computers

NFC and computers are a tricky pairing. NFC technology is most often associated with the field of mobile electronics. The versatility of the technology is well suited for a mobile environment, where it will be used constantly for commerce and data transfers. Stationary NFC technology may be limited in capability, but may be able to unlock new features in future computer hardware.

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