M-commerce is becoming a growing part of the online marketplace

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China Mobile Commerce
The results of the research performed by consulting firm Analysys International, which specializes in Chinese internet market research, have revealed that the second quarter 2011 sales revenue which was brought in by way of purchases made using a smartphone totaled approximately 1.67 billion yuan (about $261 million).

This is a significant increase when compared to the same time in 2010, when the sales revenues were approximately 880 million yuan.

These statistics have retailers in China watching the mobile commerce environment very carefully. Some experts are predicting that China’s internet development may dictate the growth of m-commerce as a whole.

Of the total amount of sales revenue, 27 percent came through smartphones that were enabled with transaction terminals. Seventy-three percent of the total was generated by mobile phone web transactions.

As the enormity of the business opportunities presented by m-commerce become more evident, retailers are diving into this market sector in order to invest in their own mobile positions. This is especially true in the largest cities in China, such as Shanghai and Beijing.

One of the more unique mobile marketing efforts being made in that country, which is attracting attention from around the world, is from the locally developed online shopping store called Yihaodian, which has created “shopping walls” in approximately 70 Shanghai subway stations. These walls have “display shelves” comparable to those in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, and by scanning a code on these walls using a mobile device, consumers can purchase the displayed item which will be shipped within 24 hours of the time of purchase.

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