Mobile shopping trends are boosting e-commerce adoption in emerging markets

Mobile shopping trends - Shopping on mobile

As a growing number of everyday tasks are completed online, doors are opening in countries worldwide. Though mobile shopping trends have been steadily growing in the United States and have been spurred on by the pandemic as more people are inclined to stay home to shop, this growth is also being seen in emerging markets where e-commerce hadn’t broadly taken hold. Emerging retail markets are now taking off online due to the expansion of m-commerce use. The growing participation in mobile shopping trends is playing in favor of the Emerging…

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WeChat is setting its sights on mobile payments in China

mobile payments app shopping

Popular messaging app is growing very quickly WeChat, one of China’s most popular messaging applications, is becoming a major player in the mobile payments space. The app accounts for 697 million active monthly users, 200 million of whom began to use the service last year. This gives WeChat access to an abundance of people that may be interested in mobile commerce. The concept of being able to shop, purchase products, and send money to friends and family from a mobile device has become very popular in China and WeChat intends…

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Swatch to bring smartwatch to China to support mobile payments

smartwatches wearable technology mobile payments security

Swatch set to break into China’s mobile commerce market with wearable technology Swiss watchmaker Swatch has plans to bring its smartwatch to China, where it will support mobile payments. The watch, called Swatch Bellamy, is designed with mobile commerce in mind and will allow consumers to make purchases at various stores in the country. Swatch is currently working with banking groups in China to expand the acceptance of the platform, allowing more consumers to make use of it while shopping at physical locations. Swatch Bellamy will be supported by Chinese…

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Alibaba continues to dominate mobile commerce

alipay home page snapshot mobile commerce payments

Mobile commerce has become a primary interest for Alibaba Alibaba is on a course for mobile commerce dominance. The Chinese company has become one of the most prominent Internet organizations in the world, having found major success in the e-commerce field. Taking note of the growing importance of mobile technology, Alibaba has begun to invest heavily in the mobile space, looking for ways to become a more powerful force in commerce by doing so. Alibaba has already made major strides in the mobile world, establishing itself as an insurmountable force…

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Tencent remains vague on mobile payments plans

china QR code payment fraud globe

Company has yet to offer clear plans concerning mobile transactions Tencent has become one of China’s most prominent companies, operating a very popular mobile messaging application that has managed to capture the interest of millions. The company has also begun to expand into the mobile payments space, hoping to add further value to its messaging application and engage mobile consumers more effectively. While the company has expressed interest in mobile payments, Tencent has been very vague concerning its plans to expand into this sector. WeChat platform now has 549 million…

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