Levity Novelty pushes the boundaries of augmented reality

augmented reality app

augmented reality appNew augmented reality application launched by Levity Novelty

Levity Novelty, an iOS applications developer, has launched a new augmented reality application called Invisibility 3D. The application is designed to push the boundaries of augmented reality technology by focusing on a user’s perception rather than just the capabilities of the technology itself. Augmented reality is typically used as an entertainment tool or marketing gimmick, but the technology has been receiving more attention from ambitious developers that believe it has more potential.

New application aims to change the way people see the world

Invisibility 3D aims to convince users that they are experiencing a real, interactive world through their mobile device, with the screen of their smartphone or tablet acting as a sort of window. The application enabled interaction in this digital world in a fluid manner, allowing users to control various elements either with their hands or by tilting their mobile device. While this aspect of the application is not exactly new to the realm of augmented reality, how the application creates digital experiences is somewhat groundbreaking.

App equipped with innovative Pantomime technology

Conventional augmented reality applications are often criticized for creating clunky digital content, with this content being plagued with stuttering, glitches, and other performance problems. Invisibility 3D uses technology developed by Levity Novelty called Pantomime, which makes use of 3D gyroscope data to create an accurate model of the mobile device on which the application is installed. The technology is able to determine many things about the mobile device, such as whether it is being held or not or if it is lying on a table or other flat surface. The data collected by the technology helps create an augmented reality experience that is both fluid and free from many of the visual problems that other digital content experiences.

Technology helps break new ground for augmented reality

Levity Novelty is pushing the boundaries of augmented reality with its Pantomime technology and Invisibility 3D may be the best platform to show off the capabilities of this technology. Pantomime has enabled Levity Novelty to create very high quality augmented reality experiences, which may go a long way in winning more support for the technology from consumers and ensuring that augmented reality does not languish forever in the realms of marketing and entertainment.

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