iMingle introduces new payment method using QR codes

imingle App

imingle App

iMingle Insurance, an online insurance market, has unveiled plans for a new instant payment initiative powered by QR codes. The insurer, whose entire operation is based on the Internet, aims to align their payment options with the rest of their business model. Using the codes, customers can pay their bills from anywhere, making transactions quick and easy. The service
is specifically designed for those who are steeped in mobile technology.

The codes will be stamped on the paper bills that customers receive in the mail. Scanning the code brings customers to a mobile site, from which they can pay their balance. No usernames or passwords are required and customers will not have to re-enter their credit card information every time they wish to pay a bill. Electronic billing, in the form of emails, will have a direct link to the site.

iMingle was launched in 2010 and has since become a formidable force in the insurance industry. The company offers auto insurance as well as homeowners, renters and condo insurance. The company is the first direct-to-consumer agency to offer collective buying of auto insurance policies. The company has made a name for itself by meeting the needs of tech-savvy consumers. The insurer sells policies in 17 states and allows customers to leverage collective buying power through the use of social media.

Pending the success of iMingle’s QR payment initiative, the insurer may be inclined to expand their use of the codes in the future.

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