How to Protect Your Business When Moving Online Due to COVID-19

online business during covid19

2020 has been a strange year for a lot of business owners.

Faced with a huge global threat of COVID-19, social distancing guidelines, and lockdowns that might have prevented many business owners from trading as normal, it’s no surprise that online business is booming more than ever before. The pandemic might have taken people out of stores, but in return, eCommerce saw a boost like never before. As more and more people stay safe at home and do their shopping online instead, many business owners are scrambling to get online in order to keep their brand afloat. If you’re making the switch from a physical business to eCommerce, here are some key cybersecurity tips to be aware of.

Outsource Your IT

First of all, don’t try to do everything yourself. Your workload is likely already large enough with the prospect of switching your business operations online in a limited time frame and while dealing with the pressures of the pandemic. Small businesses are often the biggest targets for cybercriminals because the security is typically lacking and it’s easier to breach weak defenses. Work with a professional IT support company like Iconic IT who can provide you with access to professionals, technology, and security defenses that simply can’t be achieved on your own.

Protect Customer Data

When moving your business online, you’re going to be collecting more customer data than ever before. This can be very useful in many ways. For example, data collected from your website can be analyzed and used to help you make better marketing decisions, improve your website design, or figure out which products are worth investing more in and which aren’t doing very well. But, collecting all this data also means that your business has more assets at risk. Store customer data as securely as possible and make sure that your website is SSL certified.

Understand Common Risks

Knowing what you’re looking out for can make it that much easier to spot an attack in its infancy and stop it in its tracks. Small businesses in particular can be very vulnerable to phishing attacks, where hackers lure you in by creating a false sense of trust and security, such as sending an email that appears to be from a trusted source, so you don’t think twice about providing sensitive information.

online business during covid19 working from home

Improve Remote Working Security

If you have employees who are working from home throughout the pandemic, take steps to ensure that their set-ups are secure. Make sure that your employees understand the importance of securing their home Wi-Fi network, using strong antivirus software and regularly scanning their devices, and using strong passwords.

Stay Up to Date

Cybercrime is something that’s constantly changing and moving forward, so you need to move forward too and be one step ahead. Keeping yourself in the loop when it comes to the latest risks and most sophisticated techniques that hackers are using to breach companies will put you in a better position to protect your business as you move online.

Cybersecurity may be relatively new to you if you’re moving your business online for the first time due to the pandemic. Keep these tips in mind and get your new online venture off to the most secure start.

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