Green QR code checks needed to enter Shanghai Disney Resort

QR Code checks - Shanghai Disney Metro Station

Though the park in the Chinese city has been closed some of its properties opened March 9.

Certain Shanghai Disney Resort properties are operating to a limited extent and now require green QR code checks for anyone to step foot inside.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, Disneytown, and Wishing Star Park have boosted safety protocols.

Shanghai Disneyland shut down entirely throughout the main COVID-19 outbreak in late January. However, on March 9, Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, Disneytown, and Wishing Star Park resumed operation on a limited basis. That said, those locations implemented strict health protocols for keeping employees and guests safe and healthy. They have been working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Last week, the Shanghai Disneyland website updated with a statement that underscored an important change to its safety policies. The Health QR Code checks would be mandatory for all guests entering any part of the resorts. Those guests would be permitted entry only when they have a green Shanghai quick response barcode. Previously, this was required only when entering dining venues. It is now required to enter any part of the resort.

The green QR code checks take place at all entry points every time a guest enters the space.

The components of the resorts that have reopened provide limited dining, shopping and recreational experiences. These do not include the main theme park and are opening as a part of a phased program. They are operating with reduced hours and have decreased their permitted capacity. The Disney Car and Coach Park as well as the Disneytown Parking lot have also opened once again, but under the same restrictions as the rest of the park including the use of the health barcode verifications.

This is the latest update to a broad spectrum of measures the company has taken to make certain that its guest, Cast Members and tenant employees at Disneytown will remain safe and healthy without spreading the coronavirus. This effort includes comprehensive, strict sanitisation, disinfection and cleanliness approaches, said the official statement on the Shanghai Disneyland website.

To enter any of the Shanghai Disney Resort properties, guests must undergo Health QR Code checks, on QR Code checks - Shanghai Disney Metro Stationtop of temperature screening upon arrival. They must also wear a mask throughout the entire visit. Social distancing is enforced at all times.

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