Google aims to improve mobile commerce through better smartphone load times

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

The search engine giant is addressing consumer frustration with mobile commerce website load times.

Arvind Jain, the engineering director at Google Inc. is performing continual monitoring of the access rates of various mobile commerce websites and is striving to find new ways to achieve better speeds.

The goal that Jain is pursuing is to make it possible for websites to load using mobile devices in twice the speed that is currently being experienced. In the United States, the average load time is about 9.2 seconds.

This particular goal is only one element of an overall improvement initiative at Google, which is hoping top significantly broaden the opportunity for mobile commerce and advertising which could be worth billions of dollars if only the pages could be accessed more quickly.

When smartphone users are waiting for a page, they aren’t seeing ads or buying products.

This fact is that the slow load time for websites over mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is making it more challenging for everyone from small local businesses to massive online corporations to communicate with consumers in the way they would like.

Jain explained that,

There’s a clear correlation between speed and the success of your online business.”

There are many reasons that mobile web connections can be slow.

Sometimes, it’s the fault of the network of the carrier. For example, some mobile users are unable to access 3G or 4G service, which makes a tremendous difference. More frequently, though, the reason that a page won’t load very quickly is because it was not mobile optimized for fast loading.

Many sites have a large number of high resolution images and graphics, or effects that are data intensive. Aside from that, many forms of internet software and protocols aren’t optimized with wireless connections in mind, which can cause some data loss.

A problem that many mobile commerce sites are currently suffering at the moment is site abandonment, as delay that are too long will cause consumers to simply give up altogether. This can cause the consumer to stop using the website as a whole, or might even send that individual to the site of the competition if it loads faster.

Article: Google aims to improve mobile commerce through better smartphone load times
Article Source: Mobile Commerce Press
Author: Jesse Collins

Google aims to improve mobile commerce through better smartphone load times


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