Film examines a future of augmented reality implants

augmented reality implants

Filmmakers look forward, predicting a strange future of augmented reality

Though augmented reality technology is somewhat old – dating back to when 3D technology was first developed – it is still in the relatively early stages of its use. As such, there is no way to definitively determine how the technology might impact the lives of those that use it. Augmented reality mobile applications are quickly becoming commonplace, with products like glasses and headsets that make use of the technology close behind. Israeli filmmakers Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo have examined what impact augmented reality may have on the future in their latest short film entitled Sight.

Sight examines the possibilities of high-tech retinal implants

Sight is a sci-fi look at the future and the part augmented reality will play therein. The film is a graduation project from the Bezaleal Academy of Arts in Jerusalem and explores what the prospects of augmented reality retinal implants. In the mythos of the film, these implants are not only capable of augmenting the world around the user, but can control it as well. The film comes at an interesting time for augmented reality. With several companies beginning to enter into the field, the boundaries of the innovative technology are likely to be pushed.


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Augmented reality implants may not be a distant future product

Augmented reality is already a popular feature amongst mobile consumers. The technology is well on its way to becoming mainstream, especially as mobile technology begins to become more advances and capable of handling the demands of augmented reality. Technology companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are currently working on ambitious augmented reality projects that stand to bring concepts that were once considered to be isolated to the realm of science fiction into reality.

Sight hints at the troubles caused by augmented reality implants

Sight explores what life would be like if augmented reality implants became a reality and as popular as everyday mobile applications. The film briefly alludes to the complications that could arise from such integration with technology and suggests that it could actually be used as a method of control if exploited.


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