The Sun adopts augmented reality technology

augmented reality posters

augmented reality posters

Augmented reality could help newspapers engage consumers

As the print industry continues to adopt technology as a way to ensure its continued existence and relevance to consumers, augmented reality is beginning to play a larger role. Newspapers, in particular, could see the greatest potential success in their use of augmented reality technology. The technology can enable newspapers to be more interactive, allowing them to engage consumers in a new way. This interactivity is already in high demand amongst consumers that are familiar with such innovative technologies.

The Sun produces augmented reality poster and mobile application

The United Kingdom’s The Sun newspaper has launched a new mobile application that makes use of augmented reality. The newspaper has also designed a posted that is embedded with augmented reality content that can be accessed through the mobile application. This marks the first time a British newspaper has made use of augmented reality in this fashion. The Sun believes that augmented reality could help it engage consumers on a level they are becoming more comfortable with.


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Poster to provide consumers with information on the Olympic Games

The poster depicts an aerial view of the Olympic Village in London. Using the augmented reality application, consumers can experience digital images coming to life and find out more information about the 2012 Olympic Games, which are currently in full swing. Through a series of augmented reality displays, consumers will be able to keep up to date on Olympic standings and find news on the sporting event as well as other affairs provided by The Sun.

The Sun to continue its use of augmented reality into the future

Derek Brown, digital editor for The Sun, has confirmed that the newspaper will continue the development of similar augmented reality posters and projects well into the future. The technology may help the newspaper provide consumers with more interactivity. Companies that have made use of augmented reality in the past have experienced higher levels of consumer engagement due to this increased interactivity. The Sun augmented reality application is available for the iOS platform.

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