External battery charger benefits underscored on the Shark Tank

Shark Tank - Season 6 Episode 1 - external battery charger

The millionaire and billionaire investors highlighted the advantages of devices like the Mogix power bank.

Although this was not the purpose of the pitch that was made on the first episode of the popular reality show called the Shark Tank, the millionaire and billionaire investors found themselves pointing out the many types of benefits that come with the ownership and use of an external battery charger, like what Mogix provides.

The Shark Tank investors watched a couple of recent college grads pitch their smartphone charging station.

Bill Shuey and Kyle Byrd were on the show pitching their smartphone charging station product business to investors (called the “sharks” in the show): Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary , Daymond John, and Mark Cuban. The Amber station was meant for public places such as bars, airports, and parks, allowing mobile device users to be able to juice up their cell phones, without having to carry around an external battery charger.

All of the “sharks” felt that an external battery charger came with far greater benefits than charging stations.

Shark Tank - Season 6 Episode 1 - external battery chargerThe pitchers were not able to see any of the advantages of using a station, when high quality portable power banks are lightweight, small sized, and allow the user to maintain complete control over the device at all times. There is no risk of having the device locked in a station that is malfunctioning. Lori Greiner said, outright, about the charging station: “Why does anybody really need this? I think there’s so many personal charging devices.” She pointed out that there are very good quality portable battery packs being sold and developed that are “light years ahead of this.”

These highly successful investors all know the importance of always having a charged mobile device. A smartphone battery that can get them through their day is just as critical to their needs as it is for the rest of us. What was made clear from the points that they made and the advice that they gave is that a high quality portable phone battery charger is convenient, it allows the device to remain with you and usable, even while it charges, it is more secure because the phone never needs to be handed over to another person or locked away in a compartment and left in a public place, it prevents the device from being forgotten in a bar, event, or airport, and is simply more practical overall.

The key is to make sure to choose a high quality power pack such as the Mogix external battery charger. Very lightweight, sleek, small in size, and with a tremendous 10,000 mAH capacity, it means that smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, cameras, and other mobile gadgets will always have the juice they need to keep up with your busy life. In fact, it has two ports so that you can charge two devices at a time. All without ever forcing you to wait at a wall socket or surrender your electronics to a public station or bartender.

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