Your mobile phone battery may one day be bacteria powered

bacteria mobile phone battery

British scientists have found a new way for these microscopic critters to become a power source. That’s right, the mobile phone battery of the future might be powered by bacteria. Colonies of bacteria will activate what have been described as microscopic “windfarms”. This could provide an entirely new source of power for smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets. The idea of biologically driven power plants for small and yet powerful mobile gadgets is promising. At the moment, this mobile phone battery concept remains in the computer simulation phase. Still, it…

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Using a cell phone charger to get the best battery life

Smartphone with empty screen on colorful working space iphone battery pack cell phone charger

Did you know theirs is actually a best way to extend the lifespan of your smartphone battery? If you want to make sure that the battery within your smartphone lasts for as long as possible so you don’t have to replace the whole device as quickly, then you will want to pick up a good quality cell phone charger and use it properly. The belief that a smartphone should be charged from zero to 100 percent is out of date and should be stopped. There are some great ways to…

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A 7-day smartphone battery could be here in 2 years

smartphone battery life

A hydrogen fuel cell company is currently looking on a way to create better battery packs for mobile tech. A British company that has been providing hydrogen fuel cells for the black cabs in London has now revealed that a long lasting smartphone battery is the next project it has in the works. The claim is that it will be able to come up with a battery pack that would require only weekly charging. Intelligent Energy Holdings has revealed it will be provided with £5.25 million for having come up…

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External battery charger benefits underscored on the Shark Tank

Shark Tank - Season 6 Episode 1 - external battery charger

The millionaire and billionaire investors highlighted the advantages of devices like the Mogix power bank. Although this was not the purpose of the pitch that was made on the first episode of the popular reality show called the Shark Tank, the millionaire and billionaire investors found themselves pointing out the many types of benefits that come with the ownership and use of an external battery charger, like what Mogix provides. The Shark Tank investors watched a couple of recent college grads pitch their smartphone charging station. Bill Shuey and Kyle…

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Mogix external battery charger launch features exciting global spokes-dog tour

Mogix external battery charger

In a campaign as fun as the device, itself, this new portable power bank has exploded into the device market. As the average person depends on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearable technology, and other mobile devices on an increasing basis for everyday vital activities ranging from communication to entertainment, an external battery charger has become a vital part of the on-the-go outfit. Mogix has now gone live with its own external smartphone battery and is rapidly rising to the top of the category. The release of the Mogix external battery…

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