Augmented reality mobile app from Google boosts user capabilities

augmented reality ingress mobile game

The Ingress game is now giving its players the opportunity to create custom missions.

The Google augmented reality game app called Ingress, that has achieved considerable attention in certain specific geographical areas is now expanding its possibilities and is enhancing its experience for users through the addition of more features.

The Ingress game causes its players to have to choose from between two factions and capture portals.

augmented reality ingress mobile gameThe augmented reality component of the game places these virtual portals in actual places in real life in many different cities. The two factions are the Resistance and the Enlightened and they battle to obtain and maintain control over these different territories. Now, the mobile app has been updated to include the opportunity for users to both create and play various missions. The real life versions of the portals are nothing more than sculptures, monuments, and other areas of interest throughout many cities.

Players use the augmented reality game to identify the portals and claim them or keep them.

Now the experienced players in the game are able to create missions to be completed. That said, it has been revealed that in the future, this functionality will become available to players starting at level five. This update is specifically targeted to appeal to players that have been using this mobile app for a while now and who are looking for something a little bit new to experience in the game.

Each of the missions is made up of a kind of walking tour that comes with various puzzles to solve and objectives to reach. At the end of each mission there are medal rewards. It is also possible for other users to be able to rate the missions that will help to give other players an idea of the quality of the mission so that they only spend their time and energy on the best ones.

This helps to improve the experience of this augmented reality mobile game in order to address the frustration that some users have had with the long period of time that it takes to reach new levels and to appeal to solo players who are just getting started for the first time and who are looking for additional ways to move up in the virtual world.

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