Companies stand to gain from the thriving mobile commerce market

Mobile Commerce augmented reality marketing campain

Companies showing support for mobile commerce are expected to see gains in the coming years

Several companies are expected to benefit from the growing prominence of mobile commerce, according to analysis from Pacific Crest. Mobile has long been a thriving channel through which businesses could effectively engage consumers, but as mobile commerce continues to grow, companies that have positioned themselves well in the payments space are likely to find more success. PayPal, Vantiv, Visa, MasterCard and others are gaining significant momentum and may soon see major gains as a result of their operations in the mobile space.

Stocks are on the rise for companies that support mobile commerce

In terms of the stock market, companies involved in mobile commerce are expected to see significant gains in the price of their shares. Pacific Crest estimates several companies are expected to gain significant attention from investors due to the increasing price of their shares. By focusing on mobile commerce, these companies are finding that they are able to reach a wider range of consumers, many of whom have become very interested in purchasing products online with their smartphones and tablets.

Consumers are becoming more reliant on their smartphones for when they want to shop

Mobile Commerce augmented reality marketing campainWhile consumers still prefer traditional e-commerce and more typical forms of shopping, they are becoming more involved in the mobile commerce space as well. Smartphones have proven that they are quite effective at holding the attention of consumers and enabling them to shop at any time they wish. As such, retailers investing in the mobile space can engage these consumers in dynamic ways, which typically leads to higher sales and revenue.

Mobile commerce market to experience aggressive growth in coming years

According to a recent report from eMarketer, the mobile commerce industry is expected to surpass $130 billion by 2018. Pacific Crest believes that this number is conservative, however, as the mobile commerce market has extreme potential for growth over the coming years. As consumers become more involved in the mobile space, businesses are following suit in order to accommodate the needs of these consumers.

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