Mobile technology trends are often driven by employees

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In South Africa, more than 95 percent of workers are currently using mobile devices for business purposes.

The South African economy is one of the prime examples of the way that mobile technology is not only making its way into the workplace, but also of the way in which employees are having an important impact on the trends within that category.

The results of a recent survey conducted by Dell and Microsoft show the vast majority of employees use mobile.

The survey indicated that 95 percent of all employees in the country are using mobile technology to conduct business transactions and this is actually having an important sway on the future of this tech. The large demand for mobile devices and apps for business users has had an influence over a fresh generation of these gadgets and it will continue to have an impact on future innovations.

Among the mobile technology devices expected to take off over the next while is ultrabooks.

education, mobile technology, business, startup and officeThe research from Dell and Microsoft suggested that when it comes to business mobile devices, it will be ultrabooks that will stand out as the gadget of choice. The reason is that 34 percent of the respondents of the survey stated that they had a preference for ultrabooks, while another 31 percent said that they preferred to use tablets for their business tasks.

The majority of smart devices are used for two primary tasks, which are: checking and sending emails (91 percent) and browsing the internet (88 percent). More than 38 percent of the people who participated in the survey said that they also use their mobile devices when they are away from their desks or when they are out of the office, in order to be able to enhance their connectivity and productivity, as well as to use it as a form of sales tool.

In answer to this, 85 percent of businesses are now offering their employees an array of different types of mobile technology products such as ultrabooks, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops. The research also determined that as a result of this, company IT departments are facing new pressures for accommodating the demands from employees for wireless access to company systems regardless of where they may be at the time.

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