UK consumers worried that mobile payments will make impulse buying easier

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Consumers are becoming concerned about impulse buying on mobile payments platforms

Consumers in the United Kingdom are becoming more interested in mobile payments, but they are also becoming worried that the ability to use their smartphones to purchase products quickly will lead to more impulse buying. According to a recent survey from, consumers may not be as worried as they once were about the security of mobile payments services. Instead, this worry is being replaced by concerns that they will be spending more money more quickly than they have in the past.

More people are comfortable with mobile shopping because of Apple

The survey shows that approximately 26% of UK consumers are more comfortable with the concept of mobile payments, largely due to Apple. The company plans to launch its own payments service, Apple Pay, this month and it has been heavily praised for its security features. While consumers are still concerned about the safety of their financial information, they are beginning to feel as though services like Apple Pay can adequately protect this information when it is being used to make a purchase.

Impulse buying is now easier than it ever was because of mobile services

mobile payments impulse shoppingMobile payments are seen as a quick and convenient way to purchase products, both online and in physical stores. The ability to purchase a product by simply tapping a mobile device to a point-of-sale system will enable consumers to spend money more quickly than ever before. As a result, this may encourage impulse buying among consumers, especially those that favor shopping online for the products that they are interested in.

Consumers may have to exercise caution in order to limit the amount of money they spend on mobile platforms

Combating this concern is not an easy task. On some mobile payments services, consumers can limit the amount of money that they spend in a given time period. This could be helpful for those that want to avoid impulse buying. Some consumers may have to exercise control when they are shopping from one of the platforms, as spending money has become extremely easy.

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