Communication system torn from the pages of science fiction

Augmented Reality Video

Augmented reality system could change the way people communicate

Augmented reality has come a long way over the years. The technology is often connected to the marketing and entertainment industries, but has been gaining attention for its more practical uses as of late. Researchers from the Human Media Lab at the Queen’s University in Canada have developed a new video-conferencing system that utilizes augmented reality. The system is very much like what one would expect to see in a science fiction movie. Researchers say that the system could make other forms of video-conferencing obsolete.

TeleHuman expected to revolutionize video-conferencing

Dubbed TeleHuman, the system is eerily reminiscent to communication systems seen throughout the Star Trek franchise. The system uses a projector to paint a life-sized virtual image of a person on a cylindrical pod. The mod is meant to make the image appear more three-dimensional, while the digital image provides face-to-face contact, so to speak. A series of cameras are used to capture the movements on both sides of the conversation, allowing the participating parties to engage in communication in a decidedly futuristic fashion.


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Augmented reality could be a useful tool for medical students

Researchers have also developed a holographic anatomical browser, dubbed BodiPod. The BodiPod allows users to examine medical data with the help of augmented reality. This system also features a cylindrical display that is meant to make the digital images more aesthetically appealing and easier to view. Researchers believe that this system could be useful for students who are studying medicine.

Practicality becoming more important in the AR field

The practical uses for augmented reality are quickly becoming more apparent as researchers begin to push the boundaries of the technology. For purposes of communication, augmented reality may be the first technology that is capable of replacing traditional forms of communication. With society becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology, augmented reality is expected to play a more profound role in the future.

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