AT&T extends availability of Mobile Barcode Service to small businesses

Small Business Mobile Marketing

Small Business Mobile Marketing

AT&T ready to meet the demands of small businesses with mobile marketing platform

The demand for QR code services is growing, especially amongst small businesses who have acknowledged the codes as a cost effective way to reach out to a new generation of consumers. Though many consumers remain wary of QR codes, they have become vastly popular to businesses and marketers who believe that interactive advertising is the way to catch the attention of consumers tethered to mobile devices and steeped in technology. AT&T is ready to meet the increased demand for QR code service amongst small businesses and has announced that its Mobile Barcode Services will now be available to these companies.

Mobile marketing survey shows small businesses to increase their mobile marketing efforts this year

According to a recent study done by AT&T (AT&T Mobile Marketing Survey), three out of five small businesses have plans to become more serious about mobile marketing this year. Many of these companies will rely on mobile barcodes, such as QR codes, for their mobile marketing campaigns. AT&T’s Mobile Barcode Service is designed to make the incorporation of these codes more intuitive and help small businesses develop strategies that will make their use of QR codes successful.

Marketing platform will help companies make better use of QR codes

Using the Mobile Barcode Service, small businesses will be able to create and manage their QR codes and the content that is associated with them. The platform includes pre-made templates that can be used to craft mobile-optimized websites and landing pages. These websites are vital to the performance of QR code campaigns because consumers are unlikely to have a good experience with the codes if they cannot view the content they are linked to. According to AT&T’s marketing survey, mobile-friendly websites have been effective in attracting online traffic to businesses.

Effective use vital to the success of QR code campaigns

QR codes are playing a larger role in marketing and more businesses are beginning to see the benefits of using them to reach out to consumers. Many companies, both large and small, have had trouble properly utilizing QR codes in the past. AT&T believes that its platform will help companies interested in mobile marketing make better use of QR codes and ensure that consumers have an enjoyable experience with campaigns that are using the codes.

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