Researchers unveil flexible 3D smartphone called ReFlex

holoflex 3d smartphone flexible screen holographic

A team at Queen’s University in Canada now have the first full-color, high-res bendable mobile phone. The Human Media Lab from Queen’s University in Canada has now unveiled a prototype flexible 3D smartphone that they have named the ReFlex and that has become the first mobile device in the world to be high resolution, full-color and able to display three dimensional images. At the same time, the team behind the ReFlex also announced its HoloFlex smartphone. The HoloFlex goes beyond the already impressive ReFlex 3D smartphone by becoming the “world’s…

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World’s first practical, bendable smartphone created by Canadian researchers

Reflex bendable smartphone

Grabbing the edges of this mobile device and bending it gives users the ability to select the functions they want. A new cutting edge bendable smartphone has become the first device of its nature to actually provide a usable and practical design to users who can hold it by its edges and bend it in order to complete various actions. At the moment, the mobile device is in the form of a prototype, which is being called the ReFlex. The ReFlex is a bendable smartphone that was designed at Canada’s…

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Communication system torn from the pages of science fiction

Augmented Reality Video

Augmented reality system could change the way people communicate Augmented reality has come a long way over the years. The technology is often connected to the marketing and entertainment industries, but has been gaining attention for its more practical uses as of late. Researchers from the Human Media Lab at the Queen’s University in Canada have developed a new video-conferencing system that utilizes augmented reality. The system is very much like what one would expect to see in a science fiction movie. Researchers say that the system could make other…

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