Augmented reality project offers a glimpse of how technology will be used in the future

Aeon Project

The possibilities of augmented reality technology have yet to be discovered and understood in full, according to some of the world’s most talented software designers behind the Aeon Project. The Aeon Project in an ambitious endeavor to explore the uses of augmented reality and how it can be used in the real world. These uses go far beyond the realm of marketing. Designers are looking for ways to integrate the technology into everyday activities.

Currently, the entirety of the Aeon Project is housed in a relatively compact pod akin to a small racing car which can accommodate one person. When in the pod, the system initiates an immersive augmented reality experience, overlaying a wealth of digital displays on the real world. Aeon is equipped with a complex navigation system, through which drivers can plot a course and allow the system to do the driving for them. This is accomplished through a multitude of GPS tracking technologies and cameras that are built into the system.


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The system is so adept at traversing streets safely that passengers can fiddle around with the other AR programs included within. While waiting to reach a destination, passengers can embark upon a virtual sky diving expedition, which will be superimposed on their surroundings for an immersive experience. Additionally, passengers can look up information on their surrounding area as well as browse the Internet.

The Aeon Project may be a glimpse of what the future will look like and how AR technology can be used to enhance daily activities.

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