Augmented reality glasses may help with weight loss

Augmented Reality technology

Augmented Reality technology

University of Tokyo researchers experiment with practical AR applications

Augmented reality is making waves around the world for its uses in entertainment and, at times, marketing. The technology has long been plagued with the assumption that it is nothing more than a novelty. To combat this, augmented reality developers have made an effort to show that the technology can be much more than a gimmick. Researchers from the University of Tokyo in Japan have developed a new augmented reality system that aims to help people lose weight.

Augmented reality glasses could provide a new avenue for weight loss

The system uses augmented reality to “trick” the brain into thinking that food is much larger than it actually is. Japanese researchers are using this system with a pair of glasses. Augmented reality glasses have become quite popular in the world of technology, with companies like Google developing systems that are meant to literally change the way people see the world. Researchers believe that this augmented reality system could be used to help people lose weight, and tests have shown that their expectation have been valid.

Augmented reality makes food look larger than it is

Initial tests with the augmented reality glasses have shown that approximately 9% of those that wore the glasses at less than those that did not wear the glasses. The glasses use augmented reality to make the food that was in front of the wearer appear much larger than it actually was. Researchers believe that this illusion made people believe that they were satiated sooner. Researchers note that increasing the size of food by 50% can translate into a 10% reduction in consumption.

Augmented reality and practicality

Practical augmented reality is quickly growing in popularity amongst consumers because it allows them to either make improvements or enhance their daily lives. Japanese researchers believe that augmented reality can be used for weight loss as well as a number of different purposes. The University of Tokyo has plans to continue researching augmented reality in an effort to discover more practical uses for the technology. Researchers currently have no plans to make a commercial augmented reality weight loss product.

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