Top Gear’s James May to present exhibitions at the Science Museum in London

james may augmented reality app

Science Museum adopts augmented reality The United Kingdom’s Science Museum in London is welcoming augmented reality with open arms. The museum has teamed with DigiCave, a developer of mobile applications, Qualcomm, an augmented reality developer, and Top Gear’s James May, well known for his love for and knowledge of history. Qualcomm will be leveraging its Vuforia augmented reality platform to construct a series of digital presentations featuring May. These presentations will be a part of nine of the museum’s most valued exhibitions. The experience will be available for iOS and…

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Circa app looks to bring the past to life with augmented reality

Circa augmented reality app

Augmented reality can help people experience past events Technology may not be at the point where physical time travel is possible, but a new mobile application could let people see the past with their own eyes. Circa, a mobile application that is scheduled to launch for the iPad and iPhone this September, can take users back in time to see historic moments as they were being made. This is accomplished through the use of augmented reality, which is becoming more popular for its ability to make the seemingly impossible possible.…

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Augmented reality glasses may help with weight loss

Augmented Reality technology

University of Tokyo researchers experiment with practical AR applications Augmented reality is making waves around the world for its uses in entertainment and, at times, marketing. The technology has long been plagued with the assumption that it is nothing more than a novelty. To combat this, augmented reality developers have made an effort to show that the technology can be much more than a gimmick. Researchers from the University of Tokyo in Japan have developed a new augmented reality system that aims to help people lose weight. Augmented reality glasses…

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Game developer Valve experimenting with new augmented reality gaming system


Augmented reality gaming is growing in popularity around the world. Acclaimed game developer Valve has announced that its research and development division is currently working on a new augmented reality system. The announcement was made unceremoniously in a recent blog post from one of the company’s developers, Michael Abrash. In his post, Abrash shed some light on his work with the company and how he was able to carve out his place in Valve. He also touched upon a current project the company is working on that will likely have…

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