Apple customers may not be interested in mobile payments

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Report shows the majority of iOS users have not used Apple Pay

A new report from PYMNTS shows that the majority of iOS users do not make use of Apple Pay, Apple’s new mobile payments service. The service was launched in October of last year and represents Apple’s first official entry into the mobile payments market. The service managed to obtain significant support from retailers that were interested in engaging mobile consumers, but Apple Pay has struggled to find traction with the only demographic that can use it: iOS users.

85% of iOS users do not use Apple’s mobile payments service

According to the report from PYMNTS, 85% of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users have not used Apple Pay. Usage among iOS users has been increasing, but at a very slow pace. The report shows that 6% of iOS users have begun using the mobile payments service, up from the 5% that was reported in November of 2014. Another 9% of consumers have tried using the service but abandoned it relatively quickly. The majority of consumers do not appear to be interested in the mobile payments service.

Forgetfulness may be a problem for those that tried using Apple Pay in the past

apple iphone 6 mobile paymentsThe report suggests that the main reason people are not using Apple Pay after trying to use the service in the past is forgetfulness. Nearly 32% of iOS users that had used the service in the past noted that they had simply forgotten that it was an option for them. This could be a problem that other mobile payments services face as well. Most consumers still prefer traditional forms of commerce, such as cash and credit cards, which makes them less inclined to participate in mobile transactions.

Apple may need to focus more on mobile payments in order to find success

Apple may need to make a greater effort to highlight its mobile payments service if it wants to engage consumers effectively. The company is currently competing with others that are involved in the mobile payments space. This competition has been quite fierce, and consumers have shown that they are less inclined to show loyalty to a singular payment service, preferring to use a variety of services in order to participate in mobile commerce.

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