3 Examples of How Virtual Reality is Changing the Shopping Experience

Mobile VR - Virtual Reality Headset - Looking to the Future

Shopping in-store or browsing online may soon become a thing of the past as technology is transforming the shopping experience.

Virtual reality is the future and numerous brands have already jumped on the band wagon. Attention shoppers! Prepare to be transported to another world!

A Whole New Level of Shopping

Trying before buying without leaving the house? Yes, it’s possible! Whether to find decorative items for the living room, to see clothing on models walking the runway before trying them on in real life or to see what a cruise is like before booking, customers can have a taste of basically anything thanks to virtual reality.

3 Companies Test the Waters of Virtual Reality

IKEA helps customers create designs for any room of their homes before having the real thing installed. All the customers have to do is to put on VR goggles and change furniture, lighting or paint colors with the simple tap of a wand. They can even adjust their height to experience a room from a child’s perspective. It’s a smart way of seeing the result before making a large purchase.

Makeup company NARS, with its 360-degree video, allows customers see the process of applying makeup from different angles to learn how to achieve a look like a pro. Links to NARS products are also used for customers to virtually see the shades and choose which colors are right for them.

At The North Face, adventure-seeking customers can virtually explore the world! They can look around national parks or desserts, virtually hike and even rock climb with big sport’s stars. Sound like the perfect way to shop for outdoor gear.

Indeed, there are countless ways of using virtual reality to give customers the opportunity to interact with brands Virtual Reality - Looking to the Future - VR Headsetand products from a whole new perspective. Of course, technology is in constant evolution; therefore we can be sure that the future shopping experience will be transformed in many more ways. One thing is for certain, people will continue to shop ‘til they drop from anywhere at any time. Sounds good for the economy, but not for the wallet.

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