US Bank to bring mobile commerce to the iPhone

Mobile Commerce U.S. and Worldwide

Banks are growing more acclimated to mobile commerce

Banks and other financial service companies are growing more comfortable with the idea of mobile commerce as consumers become more inclined to use their mobile devices to pay for products. In the U.S., banks are beginning to respond to the growing demand for mobile commerce services. US Bank is one of the latest organizations to answer this demand, and the company has set its sights on the iOS platform for its Go Mobile Payment Service platform.

Lack of NFC support keeps consumers away from mobile commerce

Apple may be a major player in the mobile space, but the same cannot be said of the company when it comes to mobile commerce. While Apple is interested in the concept of mobile payments, the company takes issue with NFC technology, upon which most modern mobile commerce ventures are based. NFC is often criticized for its lackluster security features, which have been enough to keep Apple away from the mobile commerce field entirely. This is, however, somewhat problematic for iPhone and iPad users that are interested in mobile commerce due to the fact that iOS devices do not support NFC technology in any way.

Mobile Commerce U.S. and WorldwideUS Bank introduces new platform

US Bank aims to alleviate the lack of iOS-centric mobile commerce platforms with its Go Mobile Payment Service platform. The Go Mobile Payment Service is designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The platform itself is based on NFC, leveraging this technology to facilitate mobile commerce. Because the iPhone does not support NFC technology inherently, however, the service hinges upon the use of an application and a specially designed phone case that is equipped with an NFC chip. This case, when used alongside the application from US Bank, gives the iPhone NFC properties and enables users to participate in mobile commerce.

US Bank aims to meet the needs of iPhone users when it comes to mobile commerce

US Bank is not interested in waiting for an alternative to NFC technology to be found before it begins opening up mobile commerce to iOS users. These consumers have already shown their enthusiasm when it comes to mobile payments and US Bank is eager to meet the needs of these consumers in an effective manner.

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