Target launches new mobile commerce app

Target mobile commerce

New app from Target aims to improve the shopping experience

Target is taking a bolder step into the mobile field with the launch of a new application that could make shopping more convenient. The app is called In a Snap, and is meant to improve the retailer’s position in mobile commerce. The mobile space has become highly competitive, especially among retailers that are eager to engage mobile-centric consumers. These retailers have been trying to launch applications that improve the shopping experience, but not every one of these has found success in doing so.

App uses image recognition technology to add further convenience to mobile shopping

Target’s new app has something that most of its competitors do not: Image recognition technology. Most mobile shopping apps are designed to help people find and purchase products from their mobile devices. The In a Snap application, however, makes finding products easier as it can recognize objects in the real world. A user can use this technology to find a product in Target stores and purchase this product quickly. They can then have this product delivered to a local store, where it can be held and picked up at a later date.


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Amazon is also using image recognition with its own mobile shopping application

Target mobile commerceImage recognition technology is quickly becoming a valuable tool in the world of mobile commerce. Amazon recently unveiled its new  Fire Phone, equipped with a feature called Firefly. Amazon claims that Firefly is able to recognize more than 100 million items when viewed in the real world. This feature leverages image recognition to drive purchases of particular products.

Target continues to recover from data breach earlier this year

Mobile commerce has become a heavily competitive field. Innovative and effective mobile applications can help retailers stand out amongst the competition, but reputation still has a major impact on how consumers view a company. Earlier this year, Target fell victim to a major cyber attack that compromised the information of a huge portion of its customers. The company has been working to rectify the situation, taking steps to improve its mobile security and ability to respond to data breaches.

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