Mobile commerce shopping is central to consumer retail experience

mobile commerce shopping

App Annie report shows m-commerce is a vital step along the customer purchasing journey. The retail industry has reached the point that it isn’t surprising to hear that mobile commerce shopping plays an important role. That said, according to App Annie, smartphone shopping is playing a central and critical role along the complete retail journey. American retailers are no longer able to think of m-commerce as simply an optional luxury. The report shows that the mobile commerce shopping trend has made a mobile strategy a necessity for retailers that want…

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Mobile shopping apps to play central role in holiday e-commerce this year

gifts holidays present mobile shopping apps

The 2017 holiday season will have many consumers looking to their smartphones for products they want. A recent comScore survey has shown that mobile shopping apps aren’t suffering the same pain as other types of application. A survey revealed that most smartphone users aren’t downloading any apps at all from one month to the next. The firm’s data revealed 51 percent of mobile phone users don’t download any new apps month to month. The same survey determined that mobile shopping apps are still being downloaded, even when pretty much every…

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M-commerce apps have second highest download growth rate

tablet m-commerce apps

Gaming applications have held onto the top spot, but shoppers are clearly showing their love of mobile. A recent StartApp report has shown that m-commerce apps are second only to gaming applications when it comes to download growth rate. Moreover, the report predicts that there remains a great deal of room for additional growth. This growth rate has particular potential in the areas of popular music, photo and entertainment apps. According to the StartApp data, gaming applications have been downloaded by 78 percent of global device users. Not far behind,…

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Some mobile shopping apps are striking a chord with Millennials

millenials mobile shopping apps

M-commerce is continuing to take off at a steady pace, but certain applications are doing better than others. When it comes to hunting for products online, m-commerce is exploding among Millennials, but there are certain mobile shopping apps that are attracting a lot more attention than others, and according to a recent Forbes report, the difference is a striking one. Over the next year, it was predicted that sales over mobile commerce would reach more than $280 billion. When compared to last year, the difference is massive, considering that the…

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Mobile commerce app Spring wins $25 million in funding

M-Commerce performance

Spring raises more funding from venture capitalists Funding continues to flow into the mobile commerce sector, as venture capitalists show more support for services and platforms that show promise. Spring, a mobile commerce firm founded by venture capitalist David Tisch, has announced that it has received $25 million in its latest round of funding. This funding round was lead by Google Ventures, Sound Ventures, and Groupe Arnault. The funding will help the platform continue to improve its mobile application, also called Spring. Spring app is becoming a popular mobile shopping…

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M-commerce apps are frustrating shoppers

mobile commerce shopping

A recent study has shown that most consumers have required help in using an app but very few use the device to get it. A recent study conducted by Contact Solutions has revealed that the majority of shoppers in the United States have required assistance when using an m-commerce app, but only a small fraction of them actually used that device in order to obtain the help that they needed. A massive 81 percent of shoppers have found themselves unable to use a mobile commerce application without help. Among those…

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eGrove Systems aims to make it easier for merchants to embrace mobile commerce

geo social mobile commerce

New product launched by eGrove Systems will allow online merchants to build their own mobile apps IT solutions provider eGrove Systems has announced that it has launched a new product, called Elite m-Commerce. The product is meant to provide online merchants with a way to create their own mobile commerce applications. The demand for such a service has been growing in the retail sector for some time. Many merchants do not have the capability to develop their own mobile applications, which has left them reliant on third parties that may…

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Snapchat breaks into the mobile payments market

snapchat snapcash mobile payments

Snapchat introduces new money transfer service called Snapcash Popular mobile app Snapchat has become the latest social application to embrace mobile commerce. Snapchat has rolled out a new feature called “Snapcash,” which allows users to transfer money to one another. This represents Snapchat’s first entry into the mobile payments market, putting it competition with other companies therein, such as PayPal and Venmo. If Snapchat can compete effectively, it could quickly become one of the most popular mobile commerce apps. New feature allows users to send money to their friends using…

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WeDeliver launches new mobile commerce platform

online shopping cart mobile commerce

Delivery service provider has launched a new mobile shopping site and commerce platform WeDeliver, an online deliver service, has launched a new mobile shopping site ahead of the holiday season. The company specializes in providing same-day delivery services for local merchants, operating primarily in Chicago, Illinois. Delivery services are becoming particularly popular among retailers because of the growing prominence of online shopping and mobile commerce. A growing number of people are beginning to use their mobile devices to do their shopping and retailers are having to find ways to deliver…

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Panera Bread launches new mobile payments application

Mobile Payments

New app aims to help Panera Bread recover from operational struggles Panera Bread Company has launched a new mobile application that aims to help the company recover from the operational struggles it has faced over the past 18 months. The mobile app is meant to help the company’s restaurants better manage the high volume of orders they receive during peak hours by taking advantage of the mobile commerce scene. More consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices in restaurants to pay for their purchases and many of these consumers…

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Amazon launches a new mobile commerce service

Amazon mobile commerce

Local Register aims to promote mobile commerce among retailers Amazon has a strong interest in mobile commerce, but the company is not only keen to support mobile shopping in the digital space. Amazon has begun offering a new mobile-centric service that will allow merchants in the physical world to accept payments made from a mobile device. The service is called Local Register and is designed to compete with similar services being offered by PayPal and Square. The service may help Amazon further establish a strong position in the mobile commerce…

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