Amazon puts an end to its own mobile payments project

Amazon AR App mobile payments

Amazon Wallet has been cancelled due to poor reviews and performance Amazon has put an end to testing its own mobile payments service, which was called Amazon Wallet. The company had seen promise in the mobile commerce space and had wanted to offer its own payment platform in order to compete with others that had done the same. Unfortunately, Amazon Wallet received relatively poor reviews among its test audience, leading Amazon to put an end to the project and focus its attention elsewhere. Wallet aimed to store loyalty information for…

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Mobile marketing could benefit from the Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon fire tablet smartphone jeff bezos mobile marketing

While it has yet to be seen whether or not this device will take off, it still represents a considerable advertising opportunity. The Amazon Fire Phone has been making technology news headlines since its first release, and while the first real figures regarding its overall popularity will require a great deal more time before they can be released, what is known is that the nature of the device is proving to offer an incredible mobile marketing opportunity. The reason is that the mobile device is heavily focused on m-commerce, which…

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Target launches new mobile commerce app

Target mobile commerce

New app from Target aims to improve the shopping experience Target is taking a bolder step into the mobile field with the launch of a new application that could make shopping more convenient. The app is called In a Snap, and is meant to improve the retailer’s position in mobile commerce. The mobile space has become highly competitive, especially among retailers that are eager to engage mobile-centric consumers. These retailers have been trying to launch applications that improve the shopping experience, but not every one of these has found success…

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Fire Phone could rock the mobile technology world

Amazon Mobile technology App

Amazon smartphone causes concerns for some companies in the mobile space Amazon has released information concerning its new smartphone, called Fire Phone, and this new device may have Samsung and LG Electronics worried. The Fire Phone is equipped with a wide variety of features that have come to be expected in the mobile space, but it is also designed with online shopping in mind, unlike its counterparts. Because Amazon holds a commanding position in the e-commerce sector, the Fire Phone is well positioned to become a very popular mobile shopping…

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