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Disney sets a powerful example in mobile commerce

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Disney’s Magic Bands show that wearable technology and mobile payments can go hand-in-hand

Disney may lead the way to a brighter future in mobile commerce. The famed company recently released its Magic Bands, which are simple wristbands that can be used to pay for goods and services at Disney resorts. This combination of wearable technology and mobile commerce has already generated a great deal of hype, and Disney may find itself as a pioneer in the mobile payments field. These Magic Bands are having a major impact on the way people pay for things at Disney resorts, and the praise that these simple devices have acquired may set a powerful example for other companies interested in the mobile field.

Magic Bands are more than payment devices

A Magic Band is more than a simple payment device, of course. It is designed to make the Disney experience significantly more convenient for guests. These Bands are waterproof, brightly colored, and contain a wealth of digital information that can be accessed very quickly. The Bands can be used to unlock the door of a Disney Resort hotel room, enter theme parks, take advantage of park FastPass+ entrances, and connect to various other services offered by Disney.

Bands achieve a level of convenience that is rarely seen in the mobile space

Using the Bands, those visiting Disney Resort hotels and parks can pay for products and services. At restaurants, those with Bands can pay for their meals quickly. These Bands can also help people avoid long lines, as they can pay for products by simply waving their Band at a “touch point.” Thus far, the Bands have proven quite successful in providing a level of convenience that is rarely seen in the mobile commerce and wearable technology worlds.

Magic Bands could be an example of the future of mobile commerce

Disney has succeeded with many other companies have failed. Many of those seeking to establish a prolific presence in mobile commerce fail to deliver convenient services to consumers. Others have trouble making these services valuable beyond the field of commerce. While Disney’s Magic Bands are only useful in the company’s parks and resorts, they could pave the way to similar wearable devices that see more use beyond Disney.

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