QR codes are generating mixed results when printed on resumes

Resumes with QR Codes

While some job hunters are finding luck with quick response codes, this is far from universal.

There has been a considerable amount of controversy that has arisen regarding the appropriate and effective use of QR codes, ranging from whether or not it is appropriate to add them to tombstones to whether or not consumers are even interested in scanning these barcodes when they are added to posters and print ads.

One of the areas in which there has been the largest amount of conflict has been in their use on resumes.

Every so often, another article will make technology news headlines that suggests that QR codes are the ultimate way for job hunters to stand out among the rest and to increase the amount of space that they have available when applying for a position. A sheet of paper allows only the briefest summary of a person’s working experience and is limited to text. By adding a quick response code, an entire website becomes available, with the potential for images, video, and even social media. While this may seem like an ideal opportunity, this isn’t always the case.

It appears that while QR codes can be highly effective for some, they provide no value at all for others.

Resumes with QR CodesAs is the case with the use of QR codes in advertising by companies, when it comes to marketing one’s own self, it has been determined that these barcodes have their uses for certain positions and don’t do much for others. Beyond that, the way in which they are used and the information to which they are linked also plays a vital role in their potential success.

While the addition of a QRcode can provide a high tech makeover to a printed resume for someone in a technology-focused career, for example, it may not do as much for someone who is applying for a position in a food factory assembly line. However, when used creatively, it opens the door to personalized video introductions, portfolios, samples, or even simply digital copies of resumes that can be stored more easily by the recipient.

The QR codes that are currently receiving the greatest successes are those that are used professionally to enhance the resume and not to replace any specific element that should be on the printed page. Those that are scanned the most also provide a very brief description of what can be found when the barcode is actually scanned, instead of leaving it a mystery.

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