E-toilet QR codes help to improve public bathroom cleanliness and maintenance

E-toilet QR codes bathroom restroom

A company in India is using quick response codes to let people scan and report their feedback. A new form of e-toilet QR codes in Chennai, India, make it possible for people to scan a barcode with their smartphones so they can provide remarks and suggestions. The goal of the QR codes is to help to improve the cleanliness and overall maintenance of the public toilets. When the e-toilet QR codes are scanned from where they are displayed outside the washrooms, the user is automatically directed to a feedback portal.…

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Custom QR codes streamline Tesla Model 3 event check-ins

QR Code payment system - qr code on smartphone

Attendees of last Friday’s event presented a quick response code to gain access to the exclusive occasion. The Tesla Model 3 Delivery Event on Friday offered a sleek and streamlined entrance confirmation using custom QR codes for attendees permitted exclusive access. This use of the quick response codes made it possible for the company to reduce wait times for invitees and their guests. The event took place at an outdoor venue located outside the main Tesla factory and was live streamed on the official website. After using the custom QR…

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QR code advantages abound in tech friendly packaging solutions

QR Code advantages Cow

A dairy co-op called Languiru has found a way to benefit from quick response codes on product labels. The second largest dairy production co-op in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, Languiru, has discovered considerable QR code advantages when used on their product packaging. The idea was to launch a digital product label solution that ensures full food quality and safety transparency. This makes it possible for the entire production process to be understood and controlled. Moreover, the quick response codes also make it possible to enhance personalized mobile marketing features.…

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QR code solution brings banking options to Cambodians

cambodia qr code solution

The country is greatly unbanked, but mobile digital transactions are now rapidly on the rise. Cambodia has been struggling to drive mobile payments to the point that they are mainstream but a new QR code solution appears to be correcting the issue. The quick response codes are sending a growing number of mobile device owners to their smartphones when they reach the checkout counter. The kingdom is hoping to reduce the use of cash, which remains its most commonly used form of transaction. As cash is an expensive way to…

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Kids safety technology with QR codes eases parents

kids safety technology qr codes school buses

A startup in British Columbia, Canada is helping concerned parents to track their children. BusWays, a kids safety technology startup, has announced a service using QR codes to let parents ensure their kids are where they should be. This system is also meant to help schools to track school buses and to better identify children getting on and off those buses. The co-founders of the system have created it in order to help parents to overcome concerns about the safety of their kids. Fernando Simoes Guimaraes Pinto Nazario and Pedro…

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Beijing QR codes are appearing everywhere

Beijing qr codes on everything

The city is placing stickers with quick response codes all over the place to keep the city connected. In an attempt to become a smarter city, Beijing QR codes are being placed in virtually everything. The international community understands the purpose of some of these quick response codes, but others are a mystery. While those on bus stops provide handy information about schedule times and delays, others seem quite random. For instance the QR codes placed on lampposts don’t seem to be solving any specific problems. That said, the Beijing…

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QR code scans enhance South Korean customs agency export strategy

qr code scans

The Korea Customs Service has announced the start of a new quick response code program. A new announcement from the Korea Customs Service has revealed that the company is using QR code scans. This technique is applied to South Korean products cleared for export through e-commerce sale. This strategy is being implemented in order to help boost the credibility of the goods. The QR codes are also being used in order to help reduce the export of knockoff products. QR code scans will make it possible to more accurately track…

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QR code validation now available on NYS Insurance Fund certificates

qr code validation business work

The new quick response code feature has been added to provide quick and easy proof of coverage. The New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) has announced that it is adding a new mobile friendly feature to its certificates in the form of QR code validation that can be scanned to prove that coverage exists. NYSIF has stated that all certificates for workers compensation will now be outfitted with QR codes. The reason these were chosen is that QR code validation is quick and simple and can be conducted with any…

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QR codes boost visitor experience in Ohio’s Wood County Park District

QR Codes used for exercise, park grass

The quick response codes have been added to signage following the receipt of a grant for the project. The Wood County Park District in Ohio was recently the recipient of the grant for which it applied in order to make sure that it could add new signage including QR codes to its various parks. The new signs and their smartphone friendly barcodes are now going to be installed in the parks. The grant that was received by the district was for $750 and this amount is going to be used…

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Sterling Heights to use QR codes to boost information access

masterpass qr code - mobile payments

Residents of this Michigan city will be able to scan quick response codes to learn about permits and more. In response to the interest residents of Sterling, Michigan have shown in obtaining information more quickly and easily, the municipality will be implementing QR codes to boost accessibility through the use of smartphones. The intention to use the quick response codes was announced at a recent city presentation at the end of last year. Denice Gerstenberg, the City Development Director, attended the Sterling Heights City Council meeting in which city officials…

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University in India adds QR codes to diplomas to reduce fraud

qr codes scan

The quick response codes have been added to stop people from faking their degrees from the school. Though the traditional form of a diploma to represent a university degree includes the name of the student, the school, the graduating year and the course of study but QR codes will now be added to the mix by APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University. The reason is that it gives graduates a way to prove that their diplomas and degrees are real. The diploma to represent the degrees from the university will have…

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