QR code advantages abound in tech friendly packaging solutions

QR Code advantages Cow

A dairy co-op called Languiru has found a way to benefit from quick response codes on product labels.

The second largest dairy production co-op in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, Languiru, has discovered considerable QR code advantages when used on their product packaging. The idea was to launch a digital product label solution that ensures full food quality and safety transparency. This makes it possible for the entire production process to be understood and controlled.

Moreover, the quick response codes also make it possible to enhance personalized mobile marketing features.

QR Code advantages CowThe Languiru co-op is using the QR code advantages as a component of its dairy line project called “Quality from Beginning to End” (Qualidade do início ao Fim). The line is packed in aseptic packages manufactured by SIG Combibloc. Each unit has its own unique QR code printed on it at the time of production. That quick response code makes it possible to follow the individual product from that moment forward.

In this way, the quality process monitoring can be tracked from the instant the milk is collected to the time that it is commercialized. Not only is this data helpful for quality control and product management throughout its entire lifespan, but it also provides information to consumers. Shoppers can use their smartphones to scan the quick response codes and learn about the product’s quality quickly and conveniently.

The QR code advantages therefore benefit everyone from the producer to the individual consumer.

Moreover, just as each individual package has a unique QR code, so do each shipping box and pallet. In this way, the traceability follows the product from the farm through its transportation to the point of sale. It equips Languiru with the ability to identify the location of any of its packages throughout the value chain right up until it has been sold. This makes any crosscheck or recall processes smooth and seamless. Not only does that enhance efficiency but it also boosts brand value and protection.

The QR code advantages in this program are the scanning ease and information accessibility. When consumers scan them, they’re automatically directed to a webpage providing data specific to what’s inside that unique package, without the requirement to manually enter any identification information.

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