QR code rail tokens replace cash for Delhi Metro passengers

india train QR code rail tokens

Commuters now have the opportunity to use their smartphones to scan a barcode instead of buying a token with cash.

Delhi Metro riders now have a much more mobile friendly commute with QR code rail tokens and smart card recharging. The train service’s official mobile app’s latest update added several convenient features, said the Delhi Metro Rail Corp (DMRC).

This move aligns well with the rest of the country’s effort to use mobile payments to go cashless.

India’s government and many large businesses and organizations have been making substantial efforts to establish a cashless society. This included the government’s own sudden decision to eliminate certain large currency notes, causing a cash crisis. At that time, consumers scrambled to find an alternative to cash in order to make purchases and pay bills. As a result, mobile wallet use took off.

The newly launched QR code rail tokens are, therefore, unlikely to come as much of a surprise to consumers. Many DMRC commuters are now likely quite familiar with using their phones to make payments.

The QR code rail tokens can be purchased by way of a quick response code scan at token counters.

india train QR code rail tokens“The DMRC today launched the cashless token sale/smart card recharge facility by using the Bharat Quick Response (QR) code displayed at the token counters and customer care centers of metro stations,” said a statement from DMRC officials.

The new QR code payments and smart card recharging service is compatible with virtually any mobile bank app. That said, it was created in partnership with HDFC Bank. All commuters need to do is select the “pay through QR code” option within the mobile app. Once that feature is ready, the user aims the smartphone’s rear-facing camera at the barcode displayed at the ticket counter. Scanning takes only a second, and then he or she is prompted to enter the appropriate fare and complete the payment transaction.

At the moment, the QR code rail tokens and smart card recharging service is available at five DMRC stations: Nehru Place, Pitampura, Seelampur, Rajendra Place and Rajiv Chowk. That said the service will continue to be rolled out at a growing number of stations.

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