E-toilet QR codes help to improve public bathroom cleanliness and maintenance

E-toilet QR codes bathroom restroom

A company in India is using quick response codes to let people scan and report their feedback.

A new form of e-toilet QR codes in Chennai, India, make it possible for people to scan a barcode with their smartphones so they can provide remarks and suggestions.

The goal of the QR codes is to help to improve the cleanliness and overall maintenance of the public toilets.

When the e-toilet QR codes are scanned from where they are displayed outside the washrooms, the user is automatically directed to a feedback portal. There, the user can offer his or her suggestions and/or remarks regarding the way the bathrooms have been maintained and if they need to be cleaned.

The program was created by Eram Scientific. They have already installed the e-toilets and their quick response codes in over 210 locations throughout Chennai. The QR code system is a part of every one of the public restrooms and users appreciate the opportunity to send their feedback and take part in keeping the cleanliness standards high.

The e-toilet QR codes are quick and easy to use and make it possible for maintenance needs to be quickly addressed.

E-toilet QR codes bathroom restroomThe quick response codes are displayed both outside and inside the bathrooms. This lets a user scan the barcode at their convenience, when they are ready to use their smartphone for that purpose. The feedback portal not only makes it possible for the user to leave text-based comments on the condition of the bathroom – good or bad – but there is also the opportunity to share pictures to better illustrate an issue or draw attention to a certain specific concern.

Being able to share a picture of the situation makes it easier for the user to describe a situation without having to write a great deal using a touchscreen keyboard.

Eram Scientific uses the feedback to immediately alert the appropriate technician or field engineer in order to have the situation addressed. Regardless of whether a toilet needs to be cleaned or repaired, the correct party is notified through the e-toilet QR codes system. “The feedback is scanned at the customer service centre which informs field engineers to take stock of the toilet concerned,” said S. Narayanaswami, Eram Scientific’s director.

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