Custom QR codes streamline Tesla Model 3 event check-ins

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Attendees of last Friday’s event presented a quick response code to gain access to the exclusive occasion.

The Tesla Model 3 Delivery Event on Friday offered a sleek and streamlined entrance confirmation using custom QR codes for attendees permitted exclusive access. This use of the quick response codes made it possible for the company to reduce wait times for invitees and their guests.

The event took place at an outdoor venue located outside the main Tesla factory and was live streamed on the official website.

After using the custom QR codes to enter the event, invitees enjoyed a bright and celebratory experience. CEO Elon Musk offered remarks at the start of the event.

The use of the QR codes considerably changed the entrance experience for both non-press and press attendees when compared to previous years. Last year at the unveiling event for the Model 3, guests were required to wait in long lines that would bring them to registration tables. There, teams of efficient and quick-moving Tesla employees requested the guest name and company, which was then verified against a paper list. From there, the attendee was issued a badge or wristband to allow them entrance to the main event.

The custom QR codes were a simple yet effective solution to the wait times ahead of the event.

Tesla custom QR codes invitationTesla was determined not to repeat the lineups to check in that occurred last year. They sought out a quick and simple solution to improve efficiency and the QR code invitations were the solution hey found.

In this way, attendees were able to display their invitations, which Tesla staff quickly scanned. This eliminated the need to look up those guests on paper lists and resulted in smoother crowd control. Guests found themselves quickly progressing through the line while Tesla staffers were still able to verify each one.

Each invitation had a unique custom QR code, ensuring that they could not be used more than once to enter the event. Therefore, if an invitation had ever been copied or shared by someone who had already entered the event, the employee would know that the invitation had already been used.

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