QR codes are generating mixed results when printed on resumes

Resumes with QR Codes

While some job hunters are finding luck with quick response codes, this is far from universal. There has been a considerable amount of controversy that has arisen regarding the appropriate and effective use of QR codes, ranging from whether or not it is appropriate to add them to tombstones to whether or not consumers are even interested in scanning these barcodes when they are added to posters and print ads. One of the areas in which there has been the largest amount of conflict has been in their use on…

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QR codes on résumés give job seekers an appealing advantage

QR Code

Employment hunters can attract employers using smartphones by adding a barcode to their résumés. Consumers are becoming accustomed to seeing QR codes on products and advertising wherever they look, but now these smartphone barcodes are starting to appear in new and unique places, such as résumés. Adding these black and white squares can give a standard CV a significant boost. These scannable barcodes make a résumé more noticeable, so that they stand out among the rest of the applicants for a position, but they also provide a job hunter with…

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