QR codes on gravestones generate controversy in France

QR Codes used on gravestones

An argument has arisen with regards to who can give the nod to quick response codes on grave markers. As the trend of using QR codes on gravestones in order to make it possible to provide visitors to cemeteries with an opportunity to learn more about the people who are buried there, has reached a French community of almost 100,000 people, located near Belgium, called Tourcoing, and this technology has brought a great deal of controversy along with it. At the start of the arguments has been who actually has…

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QR codes are generating mixed results when printed on resumes

Resumes with QR Codes

While some job hunters are finding luck with quick response codes, this is far from universal. There has been a considerable amount of controversy that has arisen regarding the appropriate and effective use of QR codes, ranging from whether or not it is appropriate to add them to tombstones to whether or not consumers are even interested in scanning these barcodes when they are added to posters and print ads. One of the areas in which there has been the largest amount of conflict has been in their use on…

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QR codes considered for tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery

arlington national cemetery qr codes

Though quick response codes have been becoming increasingly common on gravestones, they are not permitted here. Although cemeteries are hardly known for being high tech, using the latest cutting edge technologies, QR codes have been changing that in some places across the country as these scannable barcodes have been added to tombstones. In fact, quick response codes have been a growing trend in cemeteries around the world. When QR codes were added to a war memorial cemetery in Wales, with the Duke of Kent attending the unveiling of WWI barcodes…

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QR codes create Philadelphia controversy

QR Codes Used in poetry and books

Barcode poems have been leading to conflicts in the Old City when they were designed to boost visitor interest. The QR codes that have been affixed to buildings throughout Philadelphia over the last couple of years are now drawing more attention than ever due to the controversy that they are starting to generate. The barcodes belong to Judy Breslin, who links them to her haiku poems in Old City, Center City, and South Philly. The QR codes allow the artist to share her poetry without printing them out or requiring…

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QR codes are getting their revenge by performing well

QR codes scanning success

Despite the huge success the barcodes are achieving in China, there are still those who cling to doubt. Over the last few years, as mobile marketers have been learning the ropes for the proper use of QR codes, some of the epic failures have overshadowed the many massive successes that their campaigns have achieved. This has caused a general level of controversy to build over the value of using the barcodes. Strangely, even though QR codes seem to be coming into their own, doubters have become quite rigid in their…

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