Orange expands availability of Quick Tap application to Android devices

Quick Tap NFC technology service mobile payments service

Quick Tap NFC service mobile payments service

Quick Tap to enter the Android market

UK telecommunications company Orange has announced that its popular Quick Tap NFC service will find its way to some Android mobile devices in the coming weeks. Quick Tap was the first NFC service to come to the UK and is the result of a partnership between Orange and Barclaycard, one of the country’s largest financial institutions. Quick Tap has been somewhat popular in the UK for its ability to facilitate mobile payments. The availability of the Quick Tap application was limited, however, and Orange believes that making the service available to Android devices will expand the attractiveness of NFC technology.

Capabilities of the application may make mobile commerce popular with consumers

The Quick Tap application allows smart phones owners to use their financial information directly from their phone as a way to make purchases. Using NFC technology, the mobile device becomes a payment platform that can be used anywhere NFC transactions are accepted. Quick Tap can process transactions of approximately $18. Though retailers have shown interest in mobile commerce, consumers have been somewhat divided on the issue.

NFC availability problematic for progress

The availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices is somewhat limited. For consumers that are interested in adopting mobile commerce, this means that they may have trouble finding a smart phone and company that offer NFC-enabled devices. iOS devices do not offer NFC capabilities currently, but there are a fair number of Android smart phones that do. Orange believes that by expanding the availability of the Quick Tap application to Android devices, more consumers will be able to make use of the application and mobile commerce will grow at a quicker pace.

Consumers still concerned about security

Consumers have grown concerned over the security of their financial information with these mobile payment systems recently. Though companies backing mobile commerce applications and NFC technology have been adamant in their assertions that this form of commerce is safe, consumers have not yet been won over, with many believing that smart phones are an easy target for criminals. Orange claims that the security features of Quick Tap are adequate enough to keep a user’s financial information safe from those that would exploit it.

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