Gartner report highlights the potential of emerging technologies

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Gartner examines the impact new technologies may have on the world Gartner Inc., a leading technology and market research firm, has released a new report that examines emerging technology and how it may affect the future. The report, titled “2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies,” draws attention to innovations that are occurring in the world of technology. Activity streams, Internet TV, cloud computing, and NFC technology are all examined by the report and each is expected to have an indelible impact on consumers. Technologies reaching their tipping point in various…

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Rectenna could lead to affordable NFC technology

NFC Technology Mobile Payments Infrastructure

Mobile commerce is sore need of infrastructure Though NFC technology has come under fire recently due to security concerns, it has managed to retain much of the favor it had garnered in its earlier days amongst many industries. NFC technology is becoming most widely used in mobile commerce, but an infrastructure capable of supporting the widespread adoption of mobile commerce is currently scarce. Building a comprehensive infrastructure of any kind would be a costly venture, so much so that the progress of mobile commerce may be stifled. While the costs…

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NFC technology may be entering into India’s railway system

India rail service mobile ticketing

NFC technology shows potential in railway ticketing NFC technology is beginning to become increasingly common in the world of transportation. The technology, which often takes the form of stickers, has begun appearing on plane and railway tickets. Some transportation officials believe that NFC technology could be an effective form of ticketing, allowing travelers more dynamic access to the information they may need. Nokia shares in the belief of this theory and is currently in negotiations with Metro Rail of India. Nokia begins to expand its use of NFC technology Nokia…

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NFC technology could lead to more control over electronics

iphone mobile payments NFC technology

Apple continues to show interest in NFC technology It is no secret that technology giant Apple has taken an acute interest in NFC technology. Though the company’s interest in the technology may be common knowledge, the exact details concerning its use of the technology are often shrouded in secrecy. A new patent application filed by Apple sheds some light on how the company plans to use NFC technology in the future to some degree. The patent suggests that Apple is working on creating systems, methods, and devices that can lead…

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NFC technology may be faced with daunting challenges in Asia

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

ROA Holdings study suggests steps to expedite the adoption of NFC technology NFC technology has managed to grab international attention for its uses in various industries. Much of this attention, but not all of it, has been positive, with many consumers showing a great deal of interest in making use of the technology. The vast majority of consumers are still quite unfamiliar with the technology, however, which may become a roadblock in the expansion of NFC-based services in the future. A new study from ROA Holdings suggests that NFC technology…

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NFC market poised for growth, according to Juniper Research

Mobile Commerce - NFC

NFC market to exceed $180 billion by 2017 A new report from Juniper Research suggests that the NFC retail payments market will surpass $180 billion globally by 2017. This is a more than seven-fold increase from what the market is currently. Much of this growth is linked to the events of 2011. Last year, technology companies began laying the framework for the aggressive growth of mobile commerce. The promotion of NFC technology was part of this endeavor, which seems to have been somewhat successful, as noted by the Juniper report.…

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Jiepang and Starbucks celebrate 2 year anniversary of partnership to expand NFC technology

China Mobile commerce ticketing payments

Companies work to make NFC technology commonplace in China Jiepang, a Foursquare-esque social network based in China, and Starbucks have announced the second anniversary of their partnership to promote NFC technology. For the past two years, the two companies have been working to make NFC technology commonplace throughout China. Both companies have a great deal of experience with the technology and believe it could be used to connect with consumers in a more dynamic fashion. As part of the second anniversary celebration, the companies are offering benefits to consumers that…

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iPhone 5 may be approaching final stages of production

iphone 5

Speculation abounds concerning the release of the iPhone 5 There is speculation in the technology world that suggests that Apple’s iPhone 5 has entered the final stages of production. Proof of concept prototypes of the highly anticipated mobile device were released recently, which hinted at the capabilities of the upcoming mobile device but did little to suggest the device’s release date. Though the speculation has begun to run rampant throughout the technology world, Apple has not confirmed that the iPhone 5 is nearing the final stages of production. Past iPhones…

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DeviceFidelity wins European patents for iCaisse


Patents awarded to DeviceFidelity for its iOS NFC solution DeviceFidelity, a leader developer of NFC solutions for smart phones, has announced that it has received a patent from the European Patent Office concerning one of its NFC solutions for iPhone and iPad mobile devices. The patent is being considered a major victory by DeviceFidelity. The company believes that it will enable more consumers to make use of NFC-based services without having to purchase NFC-enabled mobile devices. The patent concerns the company’s iCaisse product, which is a peripheral component for mobile…

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NFC stickers introduced in Germany to fill void in mobile commerce

NFC Technology

Company develops NFC stickers to make mobile commerce more inclusive Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), a financial services and security company based in Munich, Germany, has introduced the first payment sticker that complies with the specifications of the German banking industry. The sticker makes use of NFC technology and is designed to be used with smart phones and other mobile devices to turn them into payment platforms. Using the stickers, consumers can make purchases using their mobile device rather than physical currency or a credit card. NFC stickers may address the…

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Mobile security issues to gain exposure through Black Hat conference

nfc technology Mobile Security

Security continues to be a serious issue in the world of mobile technology As mobile technology continues to play a growing role in the lives of many, security is becoming one of the greatest concerns amongst consumers. The subject of mobile security is expected to gain a great deal of attention during the Black Hat USA 2012 conference, which will be held in Las Vegas at the end of July. The conference, which is in its 15th year, has long been a major event in the security world, attractive IT…

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