Guardian teams with Blippar to create augmented reality advertisement

augmented reality marketing

augmented reality marketing

Guardian iPad edition to feature augmented reality ad

Guardian News & Media, the largest mass media company in the United Kingdom, has announced that the digital version of its popular Guardian publication will feature its first augmented reality advertisement. Augmented reality has been growing in popularity in the print world because of its aptitude for promoting interactivity. The Guardian believes that the technology could be a good way to boost interest in its news publications. To this end, the company has decided to test augmented reality advertisements in its digital edition in order to gauge response from readers.

Blippar providing new experiences for readers

The media company has partnered with Blippar, a developer of augmented reality, to make the advertisement. The ad made its debut over the weekend on the Guardia iPad edition. In order to experienced the digital content contained within the ad, called a “blipp,” readers will have to install the Blipper application on their mobile device. The app will allow readers to experience augmented reality in the digital newspaper as well as in t he real world using the iPad’s built-in camera. Readers interacting with the advertisement will have a chance to win a 12-month subscription of the Guardian iPad edition.

Augmented reality a part of Guardian’s Battle for the Internet series

The augmented reality advertisement is part of the Guadian’s “Battle for the Internet” editorial series. The series has spanned seven days and has covered topics ranging from cyber security to digital activism. Throughout the series, Blippar has provided augmented reality services to the Guardian, which have been used to provided readers with a more in-depth experience. The Guardian is not the first to use the technology, but it is one of the few that have used it so extensively and as a major factor in an editorial series.

Guardian hopes to win the favor of tech-savvy consumers

The Guardian has taken note of the growing role technology is playing in the lives of people around the world. The company believes that technology is changing the way people see the world. As such, the Guardian has been working to incorporate augmented reality into its various publications, hoping that a new generation of tech-savvy consumers who are concerned with how the advent of technology may affect their lives will find these publications appealing.

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