Next generation of QR codes may be coming

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Visually appealing QR codes may be on their way

A new generation of QR codes may be dawning thanks to researchers from the United Kingdom’s University of Nottingham. The researchers have developed what they call “Aestheticodes,” which are QR codes that are designed to be more visually appealing. QR codes have become a staple of marketing and many companies use the codes to interact with mobile consumers. The black and white blocky patterns of the codes have been criticized by consumers in the past, however, with many people claiming that the codes are too ugly.

New codes aim to please the eye

Aestheticodes aim to change the way QR codes are use and how they are perceived by the general population. These codes can be access in the same way as their more conventional counterparts. When scanned by a smartphone or tablet, Aestheticodes can provide consumers with a wide variety of digital content. This content can range from a simple text message to information concerning particular products or the codes can be linked to loyalty programs from retailers. The codes can also be used as social networking tools, providing information about a particular person or even used to distribute a person’s resume.

QR codes smartphoneAttractive codes may lead to better marketing material

The primary benefit of Aestheticodes lies in their appearance. Conventional QR codes often clash with marketing material that is meant to be visually appealing. In many cases, the codes can be considered a blemish on certain marketing campaigns. Visually appealing codes could be the solution to this problem, helping graphic designers and marketers develop more visually engaging material that may be better received by mobile consumers.

Visual QR codes show that appealing codes can be powerful tools

Aestheticodes are not the first of their kind, of course. Visualead has developed what they call Visual QR codes, which can incorporate nearly any image and turn it into a visually appealing code. These Visual QR codes have been used by many of the world’s largest companies and have been well received by consumers.

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