QR codes to provide HCC self guided tours

Scan QR Codes

Campus visitors will be able to use their smartphones or tablets to find their way around and learn more.

Hutchinson Community College has now launched a new self guided tour program that uses QR codes and the smartphones and tablets of visitors in order to provide visitors with instant information while they work their way around the local college campus.

The announcement was made during the college’s 85th anniversary celebration last weekend.

The Hutchinson Community College will now have QR codes positioned at various buildings located all over the campus. This gives visitors the chance to use their mobile devices to scan the barcodes – using any free scanner app – so that they will be able to learn more about the relevant building, architectural feature, or individual.

Scan QR CodeThese QR codes give visitors the ability to take a self guided tour at their own pace.

Visitors are able to use the QR codes to guide themselves around a tour of the campus, for a full and informational experience, which allows them to interact with the various elements of the college, moving at their own convenience and at the pace that they prefer.

These barcodes provide smartphone and tablet users with a way to interact with the different features of the campus where the QR codes are located, so that they can read as much or as little of the information about that feature using content that has been posted online. As the barcode readers are available for free for just about every kind of smartphone or tablet device, regardless of the operating system upon which they are based.

According to the vice president of student affairs at Hutchinson Community College, Randy Myers, “This tour will allow us to have campus available to visitors at any time, and they can learn more about our historic buildings, college history and traditions.” He also added that “The tour will expand and grow over time, as we add more features and locations.”

At the time of the initial announcement, it was also noted that there are plans underway to expand the QR codes tour to the South Campus, Newton, and McPherson, of HCC.

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