QR codes may store human data for 1 million years and beyond

QR Code Virtual storage

QR codes may be the best way to record human history

QR codes are often considered simple marketing tools and are quite effective in advertising around the world. The codes typically go unnoticed by consumers that are not specifically interested in using them, but they could have a major role to play in the longevity of humanity. Scientists from the Human Document Project believe that QR codes could be used to store information concerning the history of human civilization. More importantly, scientists believe that the codes can store this information for over one million years.

Scientists develop a new alternative to conventional optical data storage methods

The information would be stored on QR codes in the form of optical data. Modern optical data storage methods deteriorate over the course of a decade, making these methods somewhat unattractive for long-term storage initiatives. Scientists believe that they can embedded several layers of material within QR codes in order to form a better storage medium. Essentially, a code measuring one centimeter in size would contain millions of other, small QR codes that each contain some information concerning the human species.

QR Code Virtual storageQR codes layered with more QR codes

The information contained in these codes can be accessed as easily as it could with more conventional QR codes. As the codes get smaller, however, they would not be able to be simply scanned without the assistance of magnification technology. The QR codes themselves would be comprised of silicon-nitride and tungsten-based materials.

Efficient data storage becomes more important as world embraces technology

While these particular QR codes could be used to store information about the human species for more than a million years, similarly designed codes could be used to store information efficiently for shorter periods of time. Data storage is becoming increasingly important as civilization begins to rely more heavily on technology. Without efficient ways to store data, important information concerning products, industries, and even people could be lost to time.

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