Next generation of QR codes may be coming

QR codes smartphone

Visually appealing QR codes may be on their way A new generation of QR codes may be dawning thanks to researchers from the United Kingdom’s University of Nottingham. The researchers have developed what they call “Aestheticodes,” which are QR codes that are designed to be more visually appealing. QR codes have become a staple of marketing and many companies use the codes to interact with mobile consumers. The black and white blocky patterns of the codes have been criticized by consumers in the past, however, with many people claiming that…

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Chinese restaurants embrace QR codes

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Restaurants use QR codes to spread information QR codes are often used for marketing purposes, but the codes can also be powerful information distribution tools. The codes are easy to produce and can typically be created for free through a wide variety of online resources. This makes QR codes quite attractive for organizations looking to engage consumers, especially those that have become reliant on their mobile devices. In China, the codes are beginning to gain more attention when it comes to information distribution. Food safety information made accessible through use…

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Visualead wins more funding for its visual QR codes

Visualead QR Codes

Company specializing in visual QR codes raises $1.6 million Visualead, pioneer of visual QR codes, has announced that it has raised $1.6 million in Series A funding, led by Kaedan Capital and Entree Capital. The company specializes in producing visual QR codes, which incorporate a picture into the basic structure of quick response codes. Typically, altering the blocky patterns of conventional QR codes leaves them unresponsive. Visualead has, however, found a way to make these codes more visually appealing without sacrificing their functionality. QR codes are becoming more appealing The…

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QR codes stump webmasters with GoogleBot readability

QR codes smartphone

A recent Webmaster Help thread on Google has drawn attention to this fascinating question. Recently on the Google Webmaster Help thread, an interesting question has been raised about the use of QR codes and whether or not they are actually being red by GoogleBot. If these barcodes are being scanned through the search engine giant’s algorithms, it could be a game changer. If Google is using QR codes in order to be able to discover new, interesting, engaging, and relevant pages and content, it could mean that these already popular…

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QR codes targeted by NSW for infringement notices

QR codes mobile billing

The barcodes may be used in the future as an element that is included on penalty notifications. The New South Wales State Debt Recovery Office (NSW SDRO), the debt recovery office in the Australian State, is considering the implementation of QR codes on infringement notices that it issues, as the office works to provide customers with improved options for the creation of their penalty notifications. At the moment, the SDRO is on the market for a contractor that will be prepared to assist its customers. The contractor being sought will…

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Pernod Ricard turns to QR codes to fight counterfeiting

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QR codes to be a part of all packaging by April 2014 Pernod Ricard, a French beverage company, has announced that it will be introducing QR codes to all products packaged in China by next April. The company believes that the codes can provide some benefits to consumers, allowing them to access information concerning the company’s products. The codes will not only be used to provide consumers with information, however, as Pernod Ricard will also leverage the power of QR codes in an attempt to combat counterfeiting. Counterfeiting proves problematic…

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QR codes and NFC tags appear in pop-up store in Russia

QR Codes in marketing

Media Markt leverages capabilities of QR codes and NFC tags Media Markt, an electronics retailer based in Russia, has launched a new shopping experience at a subway station in Moscow. The retailer has partnered with the Moscow Department of Transportation in order to establish a new “pop-up” store, which features both QR codes and NFC tags. The store will be made available in November of this year and will run through the end of the month. Those with smartphones and tablets will be able to purchase products from the store.…

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QR codes bring thousands of consumers free Xbox One systems

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The barcodes were used at a massive event to enter into a contest where the consoles were up for grabs. QR codes took a fun and unexpected center role at the recent PAX Prime 2013, where Mountain Dew and Doritos used the smartphone friendly barcodes to give the attendees the opportunity to win one of thousands of free Xbox One console systems that were being given away for free. The latest in Microsoft’s all-in-one entertainment and gaming systems was a big draw for the brands and their customers. The event…

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QR codes patent for workplace digital signage awarded to the Marlin Company

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This patent involved the creation of an interactive experience between the digital signs and the mobile devices of employees. The Marlin Company has just announced that it has now received its third patent for QR codes that are displayed on digital signage in the workplace, helping it to secure its position in the use of these barcodes within this niche. The Wallingford, CT company has now received U.S. Patent Number 8,516,527 for this use of the barcodes. The company considers itself to be one of the pioneers in workplace digital…

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QR codes are engaging retail consumers

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Companies are discovering that their customers are enjoying an enriched experience through barcode scans. The black and white squares that make up QR codes have been called everything from ugly to funky and from vital to useless, but if there is one thing for certain, data is consistently revealing that consumers are scanning on an increasing basis. Retailers are finding that when they apply the barcodes properly, it can enhance the experience they provide. This is because the retailers can take advantage of the fact that consumers are now recognizing…

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QR codes used to promote clean transportation in Europe

electric vehicle qr codes charging

QR codes could be an effective promotion tool for electric vehicles Clean transportation is becoming one of the most prominent trends in Europe. Electric vehicles are becoming more available to consumers and the infrastructure capable of supporting these vehicles is growing more comprehensive. As more consumers become exposed to electric vehicles, being able to access information concerning these vehicles is beginning to grow more important. QR codes may be able to meet the information needs of consumers that are interested in clean transportation and electric vehicles. Hubject launches joint venture…

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