QR codes targeted by NSW for infringement notices

QR codes mobile billing

The barcodes may be used in the future as an element that is included on penalty notifications.

The New South Wales State Debt Recovery Office (NSW SDRO), the debt recovery office in the Australian State, is considering the implementation of QR codes on infringement notices that it issues, as the office works to provide customers with improved options for the creation of their penalty notifications.

At the moment, the SDRO is on the market for a contractor that will be prepared to assist its customers.

The contractor being sought will need to be able to provide the customers with assistance in everything that they need, should they decide to move ahead with the use of QR codes and other mobile friendly technologies in issuing penalty notices. Among the SDRO of NSW’s current customers is Sydney Trains, which is still using a manual process for writing all of its own notices.

QR codes mobile billingThe SDRO does own systems that are ready for digital evidence use and would gel well with QR codes use.

The current systems owned by the SDRO in New South Wales are ready for accepting various forms of digital evidence, including pictures. These will allow council rangers which have already adopted products over mobile to be able to take pictures of various forms of offenses so that they can be included as supporting data for the penalty notice that will then be issued.

At the moment, each of the notices already include a unique barcode. This makes it possible for the penalty transactions to be processed at the outlets for Australia Post. However, the plan from the SDRO is that any new system that they implement will be able to create unique QR codes, instead (or as well), for enhanced transaction and processing opportunities.

The SDRO’s tender request specification doesn’t go into specific detail as to how they intend to actually use the QR codes. Some have raised the argument as to whether or not they are actually a technology that should be considered to be useful. That said, the SDRO has seen their successful use for a broad range of different business purposes, which includes providing users with a convenient direct path to mobile payments sites that would otherwise require them to type long URLs.

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